Our Services?

Service Of Process

With years of experience Allegiant Services can be trusted to deliver your legal documents. Submit your serves online and monitor them online as well. Call us today at (205) 800-8729.

Financial Services

Dealing with financial burdens can be stressful, which is why we help our clients improve there credit profile and give them a plan that helps them get back their buying power.

Fugitive Recovery

Fugitive Recovery will be available in the near future.

Private Investigation

Investigations will be available in the near future. 

Allegiant Services

Allegiant Services founded in 2018 provides services in the areas of: Service of Process, & Financial Services.  Private Investigation and Fugitive Recovery will soon be available. We believe in doing this the right way and will work hard for our clients success. 


Tel. 205-800-8729

Fax. 205-800-8729

Location: York, Alabama


Monday - Friday 10:00am CT - 5:00pm CT



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