Questions often asked by consumers:

Do you have flexible programs?

Yes, we offer a one-time fee with the option to split into 3 payments.


Do you have money back guarantee?

If we do not obtain any results we will refund your money back.


Can you guarantee a certain score improvement will be obtained?

We would love to have a guarantee of a certain score increase but unfortunately every credit situation is different. When something is removed how old the account is, how many total accounts you have, and the type of account will determine the impact of the increase.


What is your process for restoring my credit?

We will correct your personal profile, challenge any collections, payment history, duplicate accounts, old accounts that are not in your favor as well as any student loans, repossessions, and bankruptcies. We hold creditors and collection agencies to the standards of the law.



What is the time frame I can expect to see my credit improve?

The credit bureaus have up to 45 days to respond. We typically see results in 30 to 45 days but can be longer in some cases.


What will my involvement look like in restoring my credit?

Once collection agencies or credit bureaus respond, you will relay that information with us.


Do you work with attorneys?

We only work with attorneys if necessary. Typically, attorneys are not needed.



What are your qualifications as a credit repair company?

We are certified through the Credit Consultants Association to do credit repair.


How will you fight the bureaus on my behalf?

We fight using the laws provide by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)


What information do I need to provide?

Your first and last name, current address, email address, phone number, and upload a valid driver license and social security card.


What impacts my credit score?

There are five main factors to your credit score–payment history, credit usage, credit age, credit mix and recent credit. Your payment history is the biggest contributor on the list, and can be directly affected by credit repair.



Do employers look at my credit score? Could it cost me a job?

Short answer? Maybe. Employers are allowed by federal law to see a modified version of your credit report for purposes of hiring and promotion, meaning it could cost you a job or promotion.


What is a FICO® Score?

Your FICO® Score is a three-digit number determined by the information on your credit report. While FICO® doesn't collect the data themselves, it's their algorithm that determines your score. Considering their score is used in 90% of all lending decisions, it's very helpful to know where you stand.


What if I can’t afford credit repair?

Think of credit repair like an investment. A little effort today could save you thousands of dollars (and a headache) tomorrow. We offer a variety of service levels to support every budget. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the right service for your unique